SNAP/food stamp central – now with more PSAs!


file under dinosaur, montreal expos

file under dinosaur, montreal expos

Due to the negative stigma of the term FOOD STAMPS, brought on by years of kids being teased on the playground and moms holding up grocery store lines fumbling with tacky little stamps, the Feds have renamed the program SNAP:  Supplimental Nutrition Assistance Program

Nowadays, SNAP really is snap:  those old stamps have been replaced by an EBT card that would pass as your standard debit card, meaning no more gawking onlookers causing embarassment at the point of purchase.  The recent Stimulus Package has increased both the total amount of SNAP funds while lowering eligibility obstacles, so there really is no excuse not to apply.

Check out some fun audio PSAs–in both the Inglés y Español–if you need further convincing, or are just a connoisseur of PSAs:

“Full Plate”
“Early Bird”

If you need more of a Spanish fix, click here.  There are a TON of radio novelas to listen to!

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that in Arizona, less than 60% of those eligible apply.  Not only that, but as the economy worsens and more people find themselves starting to struggle, stories are emerging of households that waited too long to do anything.  Don’t wait until you find yourself in panic mode.  Apply now and be prepared: Information on applying for SNAP in Arizona.


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