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playing the blame game

Posted in economy & politics, unemployment on March 26, 2009 by foodbankguy

As you know, it’s become very fashionable to blame everything on the economy.  I can understand that line of thinking, since a fair amount of stuff can be properly attributed to our current economic situation.  However, it also has become a far too convenient excuse because no one bother to contest it–you never hear anyone say “wait, wait, hold up… what you’re talking about is your fault, not the economy’s!”

Case in point:  in this corner, we have one of the few stories I’ve read that exposes how some successful employers are taking advantage of the opportunity to needlessly cut costs while avoiding condemnation.  This is a great  in-depth article highlighting the plight of workers who were perhaps unfairly laid off, while also questioning why no one in the media is reporting it; I highly encourage you to read it.  Without too much trouble, you can also find articles on certain industries who are thriving in this economy, such as online advertising, since changing consumer habits happen to be making traditional advertising less attractive to many advertisers.

And in the other corner is Google, who I actually like; I mean, I use their products almost daily because they deliver reliability and accuracy.  However, Google just announced they are laying off 200 employees, most of whom sell advertising, because as the Yahoo Tech News article claims, “even highly profitable companies are feeling the recession’s pinch.”  But wait, I thought online advertising was flourishing?

And what does Yahoo Tech News have to say for itself?  Nothing–they’re just mindlessly reporting on how Google just has to cut costs in this economy, because that’s what all good little companies do in times like these, never questioning the fact that Google is not hurting for cash and that the majority of layoffs are in a sector that’s projected to thrive.  Not that Yahoo Tech should be all investigative, but come on, what happened to some healthy skepticism?