send hunger packing & budget action items

Today was the official launch of St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance’s Send Hunger Packing 2009, a fun way to remember that while summertime means vacations for many, it also means an increased struggle with hunger for far too many Arizonans.  In fact, the summer months are oftentimes a bigger struggle for those with school-age children because those children are away from free or reduced-cost school breakfast and lunch programs.

snazzy logo for a snazzy cause

snazzy logo for a snazzy cause

Sending Hunger Packing is important because community generosity and media coverage typically spikes around the holidays, when nearly everyone is in a festive mood to give back.  When the summer rolls around, it seems more people are hot and surly, and sometimes don’t consider giving even though demand increases.  Did you know that  in a recent report released by Feeding America, 1 in 5 Arizona children live in food insecure households (the 5th worst ranking in the country!), meaning they do not have enough food for their growing bodies?  Unbelievable, but sadly true.  Poor nutrition also contributes to poorer performance in school, as hunger overtakes both desire and capacity to learn.

Summer meal programs for children are available, as some of these recent articles highlight.  However, many children live in areas without them, which is why this program is so important.  Visit St. Mary’s website to learn about how you can Send Hunger Packing through donations of food, volunteer hours or monetary donations.

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BUDGET ACTION & YOU: Are you ready to Take the Power Back, Rise Up with Fists, or otherwise Take it to the Streets to promote a healthy budget that has the best interests of both present day and future Arizona at heart?  Then check out these details on how you can join AAFB and the Arizona Budget Coalition on a Capitol Visit on June 25, or volunteer at a phone bank in the evenings on Mondays or Thursdays throughout the month of June.  You’ll feel better knowing the People Have the Power!


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