budget update

Have you been paying attention to all the recent budget activity and actual proposals being discussed?  Exciting times for those of us that collectively make up Arizona’s social services safety net.  While obviously concerned about the rammifications of the budget cuts, so far I’m genuinely optimistic that they’ll do the right thing and balance it with plans for revenue enhancement and long-term strategy.  All the many people who have playfully and not-so-playfully labeled me a realist or pragmatist or buzzkill should find that last sentence funny…

So stay tuned to this and don’t be afraid to raise your voice if you’re feeling so inclined.

Also, I’m going to take this opportunity to whine and complain about the heat.  It’s waaaaaaay to early in the year for this kind of heat, and I’m more sweaty than I like.  But alas, I can’t rant about my plight too much, afterall, try to imagine how bad it is for those who are homeless or have had their electricity turned off because they decided to feed their kids instead…


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