don stewart assoc fallout

Several people have asked me what I think about the Don Stewart Association as protrayed in a recent investigative report by the Arizona Republic (standard tangent:  what, a major daily still does investigative journalism?!).  If you’ve read the report, you know that a couple of his charities are food banks, and many in the food banking community were concerned about the fallout, worried about being lumped together, and generally apprehensive of the uncertainty of it all.  Myself, I was kind of excited to see how everything unfolded, the public response, a potential media frenzy, etc.  If nothing else, I do enjoy watching a good trainwreck from time-to-time!

As it turns out, there really wasn’t much to be concerned about.  The public astutely recognized and frowned upon Don Stewart’s operations without condeming all the food banks and the media reaction was relatively nil.   I had a chance to speak with the author of the piece, Robert Anglen, and he too seemed perhaps a bit dismayed that my phone hadn’t been ringing off the hook.  Ultimately, the story clearly portrayed the questionable but nonetheless legal interworkings of Don Stewart, and it’s my hope those IRS loopholes will be closed… at the end of the day, it was really just another story of when you give some people an inch, they’ll take a mile.

For me, the oddest wtf revelation was the involvement of former Maricopa County Attorney Rick Romley, who was recently hired by Don to defend/legitimize/cover for his operations.  I can only guess that poor Rick has forgotten his due diligence skillz or simply needed something to amuse himself with in retirement.

And, just for the hell of it, a random photo, taken by an Erin Taylor at Ag Day 09!

I feel bad for the kid who has to play the tractor...

I feel bad for the kid who has to play the tractor...


One Response to “don stewart assoc fallout”

  1. Man it bums me out Rick Romney is getting involved in this mess.

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