keepin’ busy

I’ve been keeping real busy lately, so updates are sadly lacking.  Hopefully you’ve found a way to make it through your day(s) without me… check out my bad food bank guy post; it could serve instructive right about now…

Recap:  The Taste of the Nation event was very successful on Saturday, May 2.  Record crowd, beautiful weather and an all-around good time at Market Street in DC Ranch.  The Association of Arizona Food Banks and St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance both benefitted from the event, so a very special thanks to anyone and everyone who made it out that evening.  We’ll see you again next year!

Recap: Last Saturday, May 9 was the Stamp Out Hunger event, which I assume went well from the various news stories I’ve seen thus far.  Unfortunately for me, sleeping in combined with super-uncharacteristically early arrival by my mail carrier prevented me from participating in my fullest glory.  Ooops!  In any event, Mrs. Food Bank Guy made sure our donation made it to our local food bank anyway. 

cool artistic food carvings = brand recognition

cool artistic food carvings = brand recognition

Heads-up:  The annual Wells Fargo Bank food drive is June 1-14.  You can simply drop off your non-perishable food donation at any Wells Fargo branch anywhere in Arizona to participate.  They are a bunch of pretty cool folks to care about hunger and their local communities on a such a large scale.

Heads-up:  Paying attention to Arizona’s budget crisis and the potential consequences of massive budget cuts?  PerhapsYouShould.  Learn more and get involved if you are so inclined here.

That’s it, peace out, Dodgers win, we’ll see you next time.


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