just checkin’ in…

Hi kids!

Just checking in with this week’s non-swine-flu-related-stuff…

Got a hot date this Saturday, and haven’t figured out where to go? Check out Taste of the Nation AZ at DC Ranch in Scottsdale to sample food from some of the Valley’s greatest chefs, drink fun drinks, take in live entertainment, and generally have a good time for a great cause. Get your tickets online today, and use the code TKSM for 40% off general admission tickets. As an added bonus, I’ll be there and I’ll even shake your hand, if you can figure out which generic looking thirty-something white guy I am…

If you’re looking to check out something else entirely, check out my friend Kelli’s African Kelli blog.  Maybe you’ve already heard of her.  Her blog runs circles around mine.  Besides being a pretty crafty chica and all-around big heart, she is spearheading a really cool community garden project at the Asbury United Methodist Church in central Phoenix, on Indian School at 16th Avenue.  The church has graciously donated plots of land which is being split up between refugee families, who will plant and work their lots to produce extra food and maybe even income.  They only use organic techniques, meaning they will grow things suitable for our climate here and no performance enhancing drugs or pesticides will be used.  Any family caught doping their plot will receive a 50 game suspension from the league

Asbury Community Garden photos, at the very beginning stages:

plots are outlined

plots are outlined

baby citrus trees are planted

baby citrus trees are planted

If you’d like to help out with this project, there are all kinds of opportunities… contact Kelli through her blog, linked above.


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  1. You are so great, Brian! Thanks so much for your support!

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