the real victims of budget cuts

Some may feel that Arizona’s budget crisis has received its fair share of coverage, but for as crucial as this one is, I don’t share that opinion.  Just because it may not be the bottom of the ninth yet doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be putting our rally caps on.  And when the state’s major newspaper fails to reconcile the big obvious flashing neon dots between this and this (really, you gotta click on those links), you get the idea that a little more dialogue would not hurt.  Why is no one asking questions about the ramifications of more cuts?  Why does everyone seem to de-evolve into this guy when trolling the azcentral message boards?  Why has there been no real public debate on this?

Throughout all of this, a couple things have been criminally ignored.  The first is a comprehensive look at Arizona’s budget situation.  The best parts about it?  It’s full of facts and options–not opinions or suggestions–just honest-to-god facts and options.  Look it up if you don’t believe me.  The fact this has not gotten more mainstream media play is a shame.  I bet most people have little idea about this stuff… I didn’t.

Secondly, there are a series of thoughtful videos produced by the Arizona Children’s Action Alliance on the real life effects of budget cuts on real life people and children.  Special Note:  check out how they aren’t illegals or their children here to screw us and conquer the Motel 6 housekeeping empire we citizens secretly lust after.  These are your fellow American citizens people.  And even if they were of questionable physical origin, there’s no doubt the lack of compassion of some people is going to be the true downfall of our society.


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