bad food bank guy

So your humble food bank guy is just not a very good blogger, is he?  No updates in weeks must mean nothing interesting to say, right?  Sadly that is not the case and makes for an even worse excuse in these days and times.  Bad food bank guy, bad!

Last week I experienced the Feeding America National Conference in sort-of-but-not-really sunny Orlando, Florida.  The conferences serves as a get-together of prominent food bankers from all around the country to discuss the pressing issues of the day (which I’m sure you need no reminding is great increase in demand contrasted against state budget cuts and prayers for continued donor support).   New friends are made, old friends catch up, good time is had by all.

One of the better takeaways was a lecture by Clive Crook, a British economist and senior editor for the Atlantic who knows his stuff.  Go to the bathroom, grab some popcorn, and take a look:

Clive, being a bit of an outsider, has some suggestions to fix our economy that the vast majority of Americans don’t have the balls to say, even if they think he might be on to something.  I knew there was a reason I liked him… regardless of politics though, his projections on the economy were of great interest to food bankers as we attempt to calculate and plan for what we will be facing over the next 18-24 months.

Feeding America, for those who don’t know, is the large nationwide hunger relief organization that used to be known as America’s Second Harvest, the Nation’s Food Bank Network  of humans, pets, planets and plastic umbrellas within this and maybe other solar systems… now you know why they changed their name.  A co-worker of mine recently suggested my approval of the name change rendered me a commie, since “Feeding America” sounded so heavy-handed socialist to him… I would have balked, but he’s the guy who fixes my computer, so who was I to say anything?

One thing you notice about Feeding America is how quickly they’ve turned themselves into a marketing machine.  Check out some of their recent PSAs, which I think are quite good:

Well, that’s all for now.  I guess the lesson here is to be good to your food bank and try not to be too hard on your friend the bad food bank guy.


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